2016 clinic season


Greetings! Some of you might remember my thoughts from last October…

“From one who has spent most all his life at this cowboy business, I realized that I had reached my limit with the status quo. Bottom line, again, it became painfully apparent to me that a lot of well-meaning riders did not have a clue of the place I come from when I work with a horse.

The horse is a living, breathing, thinking and changing creature. To be able to operate from a place of no trouble with their riders and have some purpose and meaning are big things to them. Mechanical techniques help but they are the shallow end of the pool. You can have all the techniques in the world and never get to a horse’s thoughts.

The thinking side of the horse will always produce the better result. The horse knows how to do it, if it is offered in a way that he understands and has meaning. He knows and he would like you to know.

Again, the horse is not some machine. They are thinking creatures. What works for you and him today might not work for you tomorrow. As the human, it is incumbent upon us to have something different to offer to the horse, sometimes on a moment-by-moment basis. Often, decisions within decisions need to be made. Tragically, many riders these days miss the whole point of connecting with the horse’s thoughts and end up being a source of worry to the horse and very often frustrated within themselves.

The good news is that when a rider begins to understand and practice what I am saying here, they realize there are a number of ways to arrive at the same result and that techniques are secondary to producing a horse that is pleasant to be around, well-mannered and willing to do what we ask.

Giving this some quality thought, I feel I have now a good idea of the clinic format that would be able to help people and their horse to the greatest advantage.

Among the changes is that my clinics will be limited to six riders only. The small group format will allow me to focus on each person and their horse individually. Riders will get the advantage of me working one-on-one with them while watching me work with the other riders and their horses.

I am hunting for riders who want much more than another round of techniques. Those who desire to understand that their horses are asking, “Can we have a conversation? Can we go along and enjoy the scenery?” “Can we go down the trail together?”

“If that is you, I would like to get acquainted with you and your horse.”

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With winter’s snow yielding to spring, the time has come to put some legs on these goals — specifically regarding scheduling clinics in your hometown.

As you know, because I work from the relational side of things, when it comes to scheduling clinics, I don’t go down the traditional mass marketing trail. Instead, I partner with those who, like me are, on a long-term, ever-learning, ever-expanding quest for better horsemanship.

As I mentioned last fall, from my lifetime on this journey, I am seeking to provide as much individualized and small-group instruction as possible. Thus the reason behind limiting the size of my clinics to six riders. From my own experience, I know that a good, trustworthy and competent mentor is genuine blessing. When it comes to the horse and the human, this is what I hope to the best of my abilities.

Practically, how this plays out is that I do most of my clinics by word of mouth.

As schedule allows, I will go pretty much wherever I am needed and wanted. For a clinic. Working with a troubled horse. Doing individual instruction. Given the limited size of my clinics, it doesn’t take an elaborate venue for three-day clinic. Cost for riders is $175 a day to ride. $25 for auditors. Those who sponsor the clinic (providing the venue and logistical support) participate in the clinic without charge. Finally, when I come to an area, I am always available to provide individualized help before or after the clinic itself.

To bring me into your area; sponsor and book a clinic which is a relatively easy process.
Simply give me a call at 541-702-7240 or email me charleysnellhorsemanship@gmail.com

Blessings and Happy Trails,

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