Greetings friends,
Has been awhile since I have written. We have been very busy in this time of transition. I am sure there are those of you who can relate.

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Recently we have had a wonderful little 18 year old mare come to our place. In every way she is very good to be around. Children can ride her, etc. Most everyone would say how nice she is, but only the discerning would see the trouble she operates out of.

It is very evident she has had the natural horsemanship round pen treatment. Everything she does, therefore performing a lot of maneuvers, is strictly mechanical. She has little to no expression and absolutely no regard for the human being. In other words she is under a good deal of stress almost to the point of having a fixed eye.

As I was working with her this evening bringing her in from the outside paddock to the barn area, which took considerable amount of time, I got to thinking of us humans. Are we going through life doing all the mechanical things to get by with no “expression”? Expression being synonymous with good attitude.

You see, a horse with a good expression has little to no stress in their life. They are willing to perform, oftentimes beyond their physical limits. I feel we are not all that different. Whatever our circumstances, if we can preservere with a good attitude, we will lessen the stress load which in turn can keep us in better health making our relationships more productive and memorable with other people and our horses.

I leave you with this,

~Happiness is a choice not a right~

Blessings and happy trails,


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  1. Beth Matanane on December 1, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    We know you will make that mare interested in life again….. thank you Charley for your words…… thank you. My Mattie was just speaking of you the other day. Just that one clinic made a huge difference with her, we anticipate you working with her In the future. Thank you so much.

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