The Value of Spending Quality Time Together

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There are many things about the horse that deeply intrigue me. One in particular is this: when the human, through patience, clarity and charity towards the horse, can get them to let go of whatever trouble they are packing and find that good place of peace and quiet with the person, how significantly that can be built upon. To the point that the horse will actually look for that place if given the chance.

Why do I bring this up?

With winter ending, my clinic schedule (and one-on-one sessions) has swung back into high gear and I couldn’t be happier or more excited. Having been in this for a lifetime, there are few things more important and fulfilling to me than helping the horse and the human to have a peace-filled, good and safe relationship.

For that to happen it is dependent upon the human to gain some knowledge, understanding and insight of how they themselves relate to the horse. In this light, we would serve the horse and ourselves immensely if we approached them with what I call,“a child-like,” no agenda attitude. I also find this approach very useful in how we relate to one another as human beings.

What am I talking about?

Well, folks often seek me out or come to a clinic with the expectation that we are going to fix some problem they can’t seem to solve. Their horse is doing this or won’t do that. Someone has said a negative thing about their horse or what they, as the rider, are doing. They may have been bitten, bucked off, kicked or are being routinely ignored, or walked on by their four-legged creature.

So they have come to get “the problem” fixed. And I understand that. These riders have invested their time, money and their hearts and souls into the deal. They would like to see some changes.

We all do, but change does not always come easily. It almost always requires first the heartfelt desire to change not that “oh I just wish things were different” attitude. Then the resources necessary to get where we would like to be will be available.

Sometimes I think that the greatest permission we can give ourselves and horses is to lay aside our expectations and, instead, engage with what “is.”

If I could help the human in a fundamental, lasting way, I would encourage them to
see what “is” and engage your horse from that place. It is of infinitely more value to the horse to do something “for” him rather than “to” him. When he is in a good place mentally it is not too difficult to get him to do what you would like.

Said another way, observe where the relationship is at between you and he at this moment. Stop resisting what is showing up. Go from there. Let yourself off the hook about the need to “fix” your horse. If we can put in the good things we desire the fixing generally takes care of itself. Quality time with your horse can more than make up for just quantity time spent.


If this better way interests you, let’s spend some quality time together.
To host a clinic or come to my place for individual help contact me at or phone 541-705-7240.

Blessings and Happy Trails,


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  1. Wendy on March 19, 2016 at 1:11 am

    Engaging with what “is” – Love your Blog!

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