Timing in our Lives




Around 1979, a little over 40 years ago I met Ray. I had been around him all I could for a couple of years and was getting some decent things done with my horses. One thing that he had worked on me quite a bit was to not be so concerned about getting them handy but to get the trouble out. In fact, he would tell me,”Charley, if you have to get off and lead him, I do not want him (the horse) to be in trouble.”
We had finished a clinic somewhere, I do not remember where now. As we were sitting around sharing and visiting about our week, Ray made a comment. He said, “I do not know how many of you will really get this.” I thought to myself, that is a rather unkind arrogant thing to say. You see, I thought I had what he was trying to get across to the horse world.
Right about that time period, the Lord, in a rather unique way, laid hold of my life. I suppose it was the Holy Spirit that, among other things, awakened me to the fact, I did not have what Ray was talking about.
Now I carried this perplexing conundrum within me. I continued taking care of the ranches I was entrusted with and doing the best I could with my horses. Sometimes being able to help others out once in awhile.
Around 2011 I knew some changes were coming on the ranch I was managing. I had started doing a few little clinics here and there. What was in the works, the owners had decided to sell the cows and lease the ranch. That necessitated that I either keep ranching or maybe pursue my desire to be a better horse person. I chose the latter.
2014, I made an arrangement to drive a lady and her horse to Arizona in the Fall, do a couple of clinics and fly back to Oregon. In the Spring I would fly back to Arizona, do a couple of clinics and drive her and her horse back to Oregon.
On our first trip to Arizona she mentioned to me,”there is this clinician at Salome that you need to meet.” I politely declined. She insisted. I adamantly declined. She adamantly insisted. My argument, I had yet to see a clinician that had what Ray was talking about save for Buck. When he came through the country, if I was stuck, I could go to him and get the help I needed.
Well this tenacious lady springs this on me. “I have already paid the fee for us to go audit.” Well now, what do I do. It would be very impolite due to my nature and lifestyle to turn her down. So off we go to Salome to meet Harry Whitney.
The first morning setting around the dining table with 10 or 12 others listening to Harry talk about getting a horse to let go of trouble I literally had a true epiphany. I not only understood, but I ‘saw’ what Ray had been trying to get across years ago. I still marvel at that discovery. I have been diligently pursuing the deeper things with the horse ever since. The inner workings of the horse are a deep, deep study. The inner working of the Holy Spirit in ones life is deeper still.
I have shared all of this to say this. You may think you know horses or the Lord Jesus, but you yet to know either as you ought. I personally believe, if you have a desire to know horses on a deeper level it is possible. It will take time, questions and deeper commitment on your part. I also know if you have a desire to seek the Lord and know Him better He will honor that desire- – In His time, not yours, and it will have a very deep, lasting effect.
Blessings and Happy Trails.
PS. Never rule out a kind, tenacious lady and what she might be up to. 🙂


  1. Jack Bettencourt on April 23, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Amazing I believe it to be, to look in the rear view mirror and see how actually straight (what we thought was a crooked ) road we have been on in Christ Jesus. Seeds of knowledge seem to lay in the soil of our inner man waiting …. the right moisture, the right warmth, the correct nutritional values and comes the sprout. Everything in His perfect and precise timing. Thanks Chas …

    • Charley Snell on April 24, 2022 at 3:52 am

      You’re welcome Jack.

  2. Randy Sandidge on August 26, 2023 at 6:33 pm

    We got to make good friends with Harry, prior to him getting the Salome property. He was out at Forepaugh, but that sold and he was without a winter place. So we opened up our place and let him clinic out of there to help him out and our neighbors agreed to let him use their place to board and use as bunkhouse. In about that time we went to one of Rays clinics in Phoenix. I had a Cowboy New Testament and a handwritten letter on how Ray had done so much for horses and horsemen, and how God did so much for mankind and the importance to know Jesus. I do not know if that was a need and if it had any impact but I sure hope so.

    • Charley Snell on August 26, 2023 at 10:15 pm

      A divine appointment.

      • Randy Sandidge on August 26, 2023 at 11:31 pm

        I had forgot why I started typing all that. The reason is when I listen to you in your videos I can hear what Harry talks about in asking a horse to let go of a thought or taking his thought over somewhere else. Also sounded like Ray in his explaining of doing things. I really am enjoying them.

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